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      The CULTIVATE-Russia was launched on 1 January, 2002 and will last for 18 months. The project comes under the Informational Sosciety Technologies Programme (IST) of the European Commission. The aim of the project is to develop the Rusian-European communication and international co-operation in the area of informational technologes.

      CULTIVATE is also being run in 26 countries of Central and Eastern Europe at the moment. The purpose of the CULTIVATE-Europe is to establih links between different cultural organisations at national and intrenational levels, to initiate common projects and informational exchange.

     CULTIVATE.RUssia has become a part of the pan-European CULTIVATE network, that provides an opportunity for Russian libraries, museums, archives and other cultural communities and organisations to participate in the European process of building the Informational Sosciety.


      The project is run by a Consortium of the following organisations:

      British Council (United Kingdom) is the leading partner in the Consortium, co-ordinating poject activities in liaison wtih the EC. The Brirtish Council has the overall responcibility for administrative and finansial management of the project. Since 1992 British Council Russia takes an active part in developing international links in the area of culture, science and education. The porject will be supported by 15 British Council Centres in Russia.

      MDR Partners (United Kingdom) porvides technical support and expertize to the project, and it also liaises with the European CULTIVATE network.

      Russian Cultural Heritage Network (RCHN) is responsible for all work in Russia. It will work in partnership with Russian regional memory institutions. RCHN has a valuable role in Russian culture informatization. It created the portals Culture of Russia, Museums of Russia and the web-sites of Pushkin State Art Museum, Rusian State Library, etc.
      RCHN is responsible for making and support of all the informational resourses, organizing seminars and consulting.
      RCHN is also to co-ordinate with the following organizations:

  • Chelyabinsk Regional Scientific Library
  • Smolensk State Union of Museums
  • Department for Archives of Khabarovsk Regional Administration

  •       Centre PIC (Centre of Informatization in the Sphere of Culture of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation) is responsible for the final international CULTIVATE-Russia conference and dissemination of the project information. Centre PIC is known with organization EVA conference in Moscow.


    David Fuegi
          the head technnical expert of the project

    Leonid Kuibyshev (Centre PIC)
          project partner

    Natasha Shorikova (British Council, Russia)
          the project co-ordinator

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