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  • 2004 Euro-India Co-operation Forum on the Information Society
    24th to 26th March 2004, New Delhi, India

  • Move to the Web Site of The final Cultivate-Russia conference "Culture - from information to Knowledge".

  • The final Cultivate-Russia conference "Culture - from information to Knowledge" will be held in Russian State Library on 7 - 9 April, 2003. The conference web site is open for registration. More information can be found in Call for Papers.

  • 1 - 4 April 2003, Minsk, Belaruss Republic, will be the The 10th International Specialized Exhibition and Congress on telecommunications, information and bank technologies. "TIBO'2003".

  • 3 March 2003 - Informational Day in Educational Center of The British Council of Irkutsk City. There were 18 participants from 14 cultural organizations and departments of the city (5 libraries, 5 museums, archive, International Center of Culture "Baykal", Department of Culture of Irkutsk)During 3 hours there were discussed main issues according to European Commission and it's projects. Special attention was given to Russian project "Cultivate-Russia" and creating the informational platform between European Union and Russian Memory Institutions, social organizations and departments.

  • "Cultivate Interactive" Issue 9. Features include: IST Projects-LIBECON, OpenHeritage, PAST, TREBIS, MESMUSES, CIDOC, etc.

  • 20 February 2003 - Informational Day was held in the Khabarovsk Archive Business Department. There participated specialists and leaders from libraries, museums, archives and other cultural departments and organizations. During 3 hours there were discussed main issues according to European Commission and it's projects. Everybody acknowledged the novelty of the information and expressed a desire to get more concrete pieces of information in the future.

  • Attention!The second edition of electronic journal "Cultivate.Ru" soon will be availible! Read the first issue here...

  • In the latest issue of UKOLN's e-journal Ariadne issue 34, see: 1 Cultural Heritage Language Technologies: Building an Infrastructure for Collaborative Digital Libraries in the Humanities. Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox describes the work of the Cultural Heritage Language Technologies consortium, a research group funded by the European Comission Information Society Technologies program and the United States National Science Foundation Digital Libraries Initiative.
    2 The 2nd Workshop on the Open Archives Initiative (OAI): William Nixon and Pauline Simpson report on the meeting held at CERN, Geneva, in October 2002.

  • 5 of February 2003 - The Chelyabinsk Regional Scientific Library with the British Council held regularly scheduled Informational Day "Projects of European Commission in the business sphere of libraries, museums and archives" There were 28 participants, among them - 10 representatives from museums, 10 from libraries, and 6 from archives, other organizations - 2. Everybody acknowledged the novelty of the information and expressed a desire to get more concrete pieces of information in the future.

  • 22 January, 2003, Novosibirsk. "Cultivate-Russia" seminar "Projects of European Commission in the business sphere of libraries, museums and archives" on the base of Novosibirsk State Region Scientific Library. There were 32 representatives of libraries - 18, museums and galleries - 5, archives - 2, administration - 4, other culture organizations - 3. The information was supported with video. Everybody acknowledged the usefulness and importance of the event for Russian Memory Institutions.

  • State Center for Museum and Exhibitions "ROSIZO" will present in Moscow from January 30, 2003 to February 1, 2003 International Art Symposium "An International Art Project for Russia. Problems and Perspectives".. This Conference is the first important stage in the realization of the International Art Forum in Russia capable of future comparison with Venice Biennale, Documenta in Kassel, Manifesta Biennale in Sao Paolo and others.

  • Cultivate interactive (8 issue) represented the editorial review about Russian Web Magazine "Cultivate.Ru" The author gives favorable report and appreciation to the main editor of the magazine Anna Michalovskaya and has a positive assessment of russian partners activity.

  • 17 December, 2002, Yaroslavl. "Cultivate-Russia" seminar "Projects of European Commission in the business sphere of libraries, museums and archives" was organized by the British Council. There were 15 organizations. Among them were 7 museums (the list of museums- participants), 6 libraries and 2 archives (the list of libraries and archives). There was a great interest to this event of libraries and museums from Yaroslavl region - Pereyaslavl-Zalesskiy region, Rybinsk, Rostov, Karabiha, Tutaevo. After the seminar there was the meeting with the deputy director of culture and tourism department Vasilevoy M., and there was also a lot of information according to Cultivate-project. Mr. Shkurlov I.V. gave an interview for Yaroslavl-radio about the project.
    European projects and opportunity of participation in it absorbed the most of attention. There were a lot of questions about European interest in Russian participants of different projects and possible role of Yaroslavl memory-institutions in this projects. All the organizational representatives noted the importance of such kind of seminars and great new information content.

  • UNESCO'S "Freedom of expression in the Information Society" report now available. Press release of 19 December 2002 from UNESCO. A true information society cannot be conceived without guaranteeing freedom of expression and in particular freedom of the press and the media. This is one of the main conclusions issued from the "Freedom of Expression in the Information Society" symposium final report that is now available both in French and English versions.

  • December, 17, 2002, Moscow The 4th Research and Practical Conference . The Conference Theme: "Access to Information"

  • news of the 2003 call for proposals. This call was open until 15 October 2002 for annual projects (Action 1) and until 31 October 2002 for multi annual projects (Action 2). The Commission received 507 applications relating to the first action and 144 relating to the second. The examination procedure is now under way.

  • 17 December, 2002, Perm. The 13-th Informational Day of "Cultivate-Russia" project "Projects of European Commission in the business sphere of libraries, museums and archives". There were 37 participants and 25 organizations, among them are: Libraries - 15; museums - 3; archives - 5; educational institutes - 3; other organizations - 7, regional administration - 2. The seminar was held in Perm Regional Library of center "Culture" by participants of Chelyabinsk Regional Scientific Library. All the participants got the worckpackage of information according to the seminar themes and program. Presentations were listened with keen interest and attention. Most of the organization representatives express their readiness to participate in international projects and get certain news about FP6 program and EC policy.

  • December, 2 - 7, Tretiyakovskaya State Gallery
    International conference EVA2002 Moscow. More information here

  • IFLA, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, will hold its next World Library and Information Congress from 1-9 August 2003 in Berlin, Germany. The "Access Point Library: Media - Information - Culture" conference website is now available and gives details of the conference themes, calls for contributions as well as travel and tourist information at:
    Do not miss the early bird registration deadline of 1 May 2003. For further information please see: Calendar of events

  • The sixth issue of Culture 2000, the newsletter edited by the European Commission on its « Culture 2000 » framework-programme is available. This issue includes a brief report on the opening of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (ffi on the library, see the website at: ; available in Arabic, English and French).

  • 29 November, Nizhniy Novgorod. "Cultivate-Russia" seminar was organized by the British Council. There were 15 organizations (30 participants) from N.Novgorod and N.Novgorod region: 6 museums, 8 libraries, Regional committee of archive business. For some of the participants it was completely new information but for others it was familiar. There were some organizations which have already been the participants of particular projects and have good foreign connections. A lot of problems were discussed and regular observation of information on the "Cultivate-Russia" Web-site was suggested.

  • November 28, 2002, Chelyabinsk, Informational Day "Projects of European Commission in the business sphere of libraries, museums and archives", organized by Chelyabinsk Regional Scientific Library. 32 organizations took part.
    There was a presentation of "Cultivate-Russia" project. The participants got to know the EC projects. A lot of information was given to FP6(2002-2006) and opportunity of participation in it. The information was useful and new, that was evidently clear from lots of written responses and comments.

  • November 22, 2002 - The First Cultivate seminar in SPB was held in Sant-Peterburg, organized by British Council. Irina Solovieva represented the British Council and the gave foreword and four presentations on Cultivate, IST, FP5 и FP6. About 30 participants took part in the event, among them were also Russian Museum and National Library. A lot of questions were given and answered. And it was evidently successful information day.

  • November 15, 2002 - The Informational Day "Projects of European Commission in the business sphere of libraries, museums and archives" took place in Smolensk.
    33 representatives of 16 cultural and public-service institutions took part in the seminar (5 museums, 5 libraries, 1 archive, Center of monuments protection, computer company, 4 governmental departments).
    The information about EC projects in the heritage sphere and their results, FP6 programme(2002-2006), conditions of participation and Cultivate net gained keen interest among the participants. Everybody acknowledged the necessity and importance of the event.

  • "Freedom of Expression in the Information Society": International Symposium. In the Information Society, everybody must be enabled to "exercise their right to freedom of opinion and expression" and to "seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers". This is one of the principles adopted at the Pan European Regional Ministerial Conference in preparation of the World Summit on the Information Society held last week in Bucharest, Romania.

  • Special Event to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention WORLD HERITAGE IN THE DIGITAL AGE.
    More information... The web site of event: .

  • The 4th of September is the start date of the MDA2002 - the most known european conference in museum world.
    More information can be found at the web site of the conference:

  • On 8 - 16 June 2002 we took part in the conference Crimea 2002: "Libraries and Associations in the World's changing: new technology and new ways of co-operation" in Sudak. The topic of this year: "Electronical Informational resources, Libraries in future and their social value".

  • We've made two reports on ADIT-conference, 2002, wich took place in Nizhny Novgorod in the period since 27 May till 1 June. Look for the reports' main points.

  • On 8th of May the DLM-Forum 2002 has been finished. There the project Cultivate-Russia was introduced to the English-speaking audience by the Cultivate-Russia consortium members. The PPT-presentation and the DLM-report about the project can be found here.

  • April, 22 - 26, was the date of International Scientific Conference "Digital Culture Century", held in Russia (Krasnaua Polyana, Sochi, Krasnodarsky Krai). The members of Cultivate-Russia consortium participated and made a presentation about the project.

  • On 22 - 25 of April th Cultivate-Russia project was presented on the seminar in Moscow Cinema Museum. The topic of the seminar was "Audiovisual archives and humanities"

  • The bilingual vertion of the Cultivate-Russia brochure is already finished. You can see it in DOCUMENTS.

  • We are grateful to the British Council Russia for coordinating the project. The information dissemination will be supported by 12 regional centers of BC.

  • The meeting with Constantinas Vardakis (the representative of the EC in Russia) on the 26th of March was devoted to discussing of the cooperation problems.

  • The first Baltic E-MAL conference took place in Riga, on 25 - 26th of April. There was made a report called Information and Communication Technologies, wich presented the CULTIVATE-Russia project.
    See the Conference List here...

  • The CULTIVATE-Russia press-conference took place in the House of Journalists on the 17th of April. There were presented the reports of Adian Grier (the Russian BC director), (CULTIVATE-Russia project director) and Leonid Kuibyshev (project partner) They also asked the multiple questions of the journalists.
    The press-release is available in DOCUMENTS .

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