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      Welcome to CULTIVATE.RUssia web-site!

      CULTIVATE-Russia is the project under EC IST-Programme that aims to develop Russian-European co-operation in the area of information technologies and culture.
      The CULTIVATE.RUssia web-site presents the Russian Node in the pan-European CULTIVATE Network. It provides techical support in searching partners in Russia and in getting contacts with them.
      The web-site is adapted primarily for the Russian audience to inform it about FP5 and FP6 of the EC, its activity, current and past projects, and also to provide a support in Calling for Proposals in IST-Programme.
     Here you can get more information about CULTIVATE-Russia project, subscribe to the Discussion List if you want to be an active participant and ask your questions in forum. Also the calendar of events is accessible.
      This web-site is a great and easy tool for getting new partners in Russia! We'll be happy if you join us.

      Welcome again!
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News and events:

  • Russian MINERVA PLUS web-site ( ) is now available. MINERVA ( ) is a network of the EU Member States' Ministries to discuss, correlate and harmonise activities carried out in digitisation of cultural and scientific content for creating an agreed European common platform, recommendations and guidelines about digitisation, metadata, long-term accessibility and preservation. Starting from February 2004, Minerva Project is enlarged to MINERVA Plus initiative, already approved by the European Commission in the 6FP. MinervaPLUS intends to enlarge the existing thematic network of European Ministries. The Ministry of Culture of Russia is a member of MINERVA PLUS.

  • The Local Government International Bureau is planning a series of roadshows around the country. They aim to explain how the European Union works and what it means for the regions and local authorities of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    The first two roadshows are:

    North East region: Glebe Hall, Murton, County Durham on 14 June 04.

    South West region: County Hall, Exeter on 10 Sept 04.

    Both events are free. For more details, inc. booking information, see the above web links.

  • 20th General Conference of ICOM "Museums and Intangible Heritage".
    2 - 8 October 2004, Seoul (Korea), COEX Convention Center.

  • 1st International Laval EVA Workshop on the Cultural Heritage and 3D architecture (in the framework of LAVAL VIRTUAL Conference & Exhibition).
    11 May 2004, Laval, France

  • SCOTTISH NOMINATION: The Scottish Parliament web site is among nominees in the 'Government and law' category for this year's international 'Webby' awards, the Oscars of the internet. Other nominees in the category include Brisbane City Council in Australia and US government site 'Fedstats.' Winners will be announced on 12 May:

  • E-Government Bulletin presents two seminars in May at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, central London, in association with London's e- government agency London Connects. The first, on 13 May, is entitled 'The future of e-government - Transforming your organisation': .
    The second, on 19 May, is 'e-learning - the future of training in the public sector': .

    All aspects of e-learning in the public sector will be covered and speakers include Professor Diana Laurillard, head of e-Learning Strategy, Department for Education and Skills; Richard West, head of organisational learning and e-learning, BAE Systems; and Richard Grice, assistant director, knowledge and learning, Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA).

  • IST 2004 conference. The title of IST 2004 is: "Participate in your future", with "People" and "Economy" as the main themes
    15-17 November 2004 in The Hague

  • UNESCO Launches New Website to Celebrate World Press Freedom Day 2004 19-04-2004 (UNESCO).
    A new website provids background information on the events that are organized worldwide to celebrate the Day, including the main event entitled" Support to Media in Violent Conflict and in Countries in Transition" that takes place in Belgrade, Serbia Montenegro.

  • The Russian language FEB-web digital library of Russian literature and folklore now has an English language version. While the digitized literature is still in Russian, an English language interface has now been provided, including project news and FAQs, as well as other information.

  • GOOD SCHEMES: The lobby group Campaign for Freedom of Information has published a report on FoI publication schemes produced by central government bodies, highlighting examples of good practice: .

  • ACCESS PILOT: Children's charity NCH has launched a pilot, 'Access to IT,' to allow young people with physical and learning disabilities to convey messages to parents, friends and carers using assistive technologies such as adapted keyboards and touch screens. The pilot will take place at a residential home for severely disabled young people in Surrey: .

  • EUROPE COUNTS: People who are curious or baffled about the European elections in June can learn more at a web site launched by the UK office of the European Parliament. Features will include lists of candidates for each constituency, a jargon glossary, and a reminder-to-vote service, as well as a game allowing visitors to test their knowledge in a trivia quiz: .

  • FOUR FRONT: According to reports, four UK councils have now reached the government-set target of 100 per cent electronic service delivery for public bodies by the end of 2005, some 21 months ahead of schedule. The four are Birmingham, Newcastle-on-Tyne City, Surrey and Tameside: .

  • The 6th International Conference "Law and Internet"
    6-8 October 2004, Moscow

  • ICHIM 04 "Digital Culture and Heritage". Patrimoine culturel et numerique INTERNATIONAL MEETING & CONFERENCE
    Haus der Kulturen der Welt, BERLIN, 31 Aug.-2 Sept. 2004 ,

  • The Austrian National Library is pleased to announce the launch of a new Web site, ANNO - AustriaN Newspapers Online, a portal to historical journals, periodicals and newspapers published in the Habsburg Monarchy and Austria.

  • PUBLIC GAINS ACCESS TO COVENTRY STATISTICS. The Coventry Partnership (, a collaboration between public, private, community and voluntary bodies in the city, has launched a web site providing the public with local statistical information on housing, education, health, employment, the environment and crime.

    Coventry Statistics ( ) aims to measure the success of public services and to report progress back to the wider community.

  • TRAVELLERS TARGETED BY COUNTY BROADBAND. Hard-to-reach population groups in Cambridgeshire including travellers are set to receive free access to health, learning and community services through 100 broadband access points in post offices, libraries, churches, community centres and pubs next month, E-Government Bulletin has learned.

    The 29 million pound Cambridgeshire Community Network (CCN - is designed for people in remote locations, those unfamiliar with new technologies, migrant workers and travellers.

  • Preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage The DigiCULT newsletter This newsletter has been launched to inform you about DigiCULT activities, as well as about the projects funded, results obtained, and events organised in this domain. We hope also to provide pointers to activities in the Information Society relevant to our readers needs.
    For more information visit

  • The 8th Russian Internet Forum (RIF2004) "Internet in Russia: second wind".
    28 - 29 April 2004, Moscow.
    For more information visit

  • International EVA Workshop on Cultural Heritage and 3D Architecture
    May 11th, 2004, Laval, France in conjunction with the 6th International Conference on Virtual Reality and Laval Virtual 2004.

  • The LIBER 2004 Organizing Committee and the National Library of Russia take great pleasure in inviting you to attend the 33 th Annual General conference to be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia from Tuesday June 29 until Friday July 2, 2004. The conference theme is: "Integrating Europe! New partnerships across old borders". We look forward to welcoming you there.
    More information at

  • Intrenational Symposium "System-synergy Paradigma in Culture and Art".
    Taganrog State Radio-Technical University, Taganrog, Russia. 23-25 June 2004
    Contacts: Vladimir Ryzhov

  • LIBRARIES TO TEST FREE WIRELESS INTERNET. A pilot project to introduce free wireless internet into rural libraries - so anyone can bring in a laptop or portable computer and connect at high speed - could pave the way for all libraries in England to offer the service, according to the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA -

  • EXECUTIVE AUDIT: The Scottish Executive web site, "Executive online", has become the first government web site to have its visitor rate independently audited by ABC Electronic, part of the non-profit, media industry-owned Audit Bureau of Circulation. The site registered an average of 15,935 visits requesting 82,430 pages of information every day during its audit period of November 2003:

  • HIGH SOCIETY: Downingstreetsays (, a web site giving an insider's view of briefings from Tony Blair's official spokesperson has been backed by the e-democracy seed-fund mySociety. The fund has also teamed up with West Sussex council to create a successful bid for "e-innovation" funding (see previous story) worth 250,000 pounds to develop online tools to engage citizens:

  • The International Ticer School, formerly known as the International Summer School on the Digital Library, will offer some library management courses in 2004.
    Ticer B.V., tel.: +31 - 13 - 466 8310, fax: +31 - 13 - 466 8383, e-mail:,

  • The Third International Conference New Technologies and Standards: Digitization of National Heritage 2004.
    June, 3-5, 2004, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.
    For contacts and information:,

  • 11-03-2004 (UNESCO) - The Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem, a 17th century treasure held at the Austrian National Library, will be officially part of UNESCO's Memory of the World Register when the Memory of the World Certificate will be handed over by UNESCO's Elisabeth Longworth to National Library Director Johanna Rachinger in a ceremony this evening in Vienna.

    The UK government this week unveiled the first incarnation of what is intended to become its main conduit for all public services online, 'Directgov' (
    Currently housed within the government's existing "UKOnline" information portal ( ), the service aims to pull in content from across the public sector, becoming a destination site for most visitors rather than a mere gateway to the web sites of other bodies.

    A multi-million euro Dutch project to develop artificial intelligence software to analyse the wording of new legislation for internal conflicts, coherence and consistency with existing laws could soon be expanded to help lawmakers across Europe and in the European Commission. The commission is set to decide next week whether to allocate further funding to the E-POWER project (, run by a consortium that includes the Dutch government, the University of Amsterdam and private sector partners.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: A feature allowing people to make pledges to help protect the environment has gone live on the Environment Agency's web site. Users can tick boxes agreeing to 'replace one light bulb for an energy-saving version' and 'switch off my television rather than leave it on stand-by,' among others. The move comes as part of the run-up to this year's World Environment Day in June:

  • NCSC2004 - the Second Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication.
    Lund, Sweden, April 26-28, 2004.
    For further information please contact Henrik Aslund at Lund University Libraries Head Office
    Email:, Phone: +46 46 222 93 33
    Please note: The last date for booking hotel rooms at the cheaper conference rate is March 8. The last day for registration is March 31.

  • The Second eLearning RESULTS International SUMMIT (
    Sestri Levante, Portofino Coast (GE, Italy, 12-14 May 2004).
    New technologies & standards based eLearning adoption in Education, Medicine, Industry, Banking, Mobile, Publishing and Governmental-Public Authorities.
    Subscribe to FREE Open Conference at

  • 8th European Conference on Digital Libraries.
    September 12-17 2004. University of Bath, UK.

  • Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The Digital Age of Culture 3rd International Conference - 6-10 September 2004.
    Venue: Radisson SAS Lazurnaya Peak Hotel, Krasnaya Polyana Village (Sochi), Krasnodarsky Region, Russian Federation.
    Conference organisers: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Russian State Library, Computing Centre of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Digital Age of Culture' Foundation.
    E-mail:, Web-site:

  • 8th European Conference on Digital Libraries, September 12-17 2004.
    University of Bath, UK.

  • On 30 March, E-Government Bulletin presents a one-day seminar on strategies for ensuring your e-services are accessible to all regardless of ability. Government guidance for public sector web sites is clear that accessibility needs to be radically improved, and the passing of the Disability Discrimination Act means that this is now a legal as well as a moral imperative for all e-service channels including web, digital TV and SMS.

  • The European Information Association (EIA) run a programme of courses on European information. Courses are held in London, Dublin and elsewhere. EIA events are priced.
    Details at:

  • Thursday 8 July 2004, LSE, London, UK (Half day course, afternoon). A chance to find out how the EU funding system works and where to get information about different programmes and schemes. Details (including other European information courses).

  • FYI, the MEDIA audiovisual programme has launched a Call for Proposals of interest to "independent European production companies".

    If that is you, see the Official Journal: OJ C 46 of 21.02.04.
    Online at:

  • The 3d International Conference "E-Russia for public, business, society"
    March, 30, Samara, Russia
    In the framework of the Federal Programme "E-Russia". Confernce topic: "Informatisation of education, science, culture, social sphere in Volga region".

  • The 8th Annual Conference ADIT-2004 "Information Technologies: Access to Cultural Heritage".
    1 - 4 June 2004, Samara, Russia.
    Conference topic: "Informatisation as a factor of Museum and Regional Development".

    Association for Documentation and Information Technology (ADIT) is an independent not-for-profit Russian organisation committed to enabling free and efficient access to the cultural heritage information on the basis of modern telecommunication systems.

  • The 9th Annual Conference of the Russian Library Association.
    Conference topic: "Libraries as a Core of Information Society"
    17 - 23 May 2004, Novosibirsk

  • International Conference UNESCO "Information for All" Programme. Conference, workshop, exhibition, cultural programme.
    Conference topic: Universal Access to Information.
    CIS Inter Parliaments Assembly, 23 - 25 June 2004


    On 3 March E-Government Bulletin, in association with Solace, IDeA, Tandberg and public sector associations in New Zealand, is hosting an international event at the Tandberg videoconferencing suite at Staines, near West London to help councils share e-government best practice using live videoconferencing.

    There are places for up to 30 civil servants, council officers and members to join a live two-hour discussion with their counterparts in New Zealand on the use of e-government to regenerate communities, followed by a morning seminar programme. Attendance costs ?195.

    For more details and to register for this unique event see:

  • European Information Association's 13th Annual Conference: A changing Europe: challenges and opportunities for the Information Professional.
    Monday 26 - Tuesday 27 April 2004, Conference Centre, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

  • The 8th World Multi-Conference on SYSTEMICS, CYBERNETICS And INFORMATICS SCI 2004
    July 18 - 21, 2004, Orlando, Florida(USA) ,
    The Rosen Plaza Hotel,

  • 4th International Conference on Web Delivering of Music, WEDELMUSIC 2004
    Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, 13th-15th September 2004,

  • TRANSPORT SUPER-PORTAL TO LAUNCH IN SPRING. A comprehensive national travel information and bookings portal - thought to be the first of its kind in the world - is set to be launched this spring by the Department for Transport (DfT -

    Transport Direct (to be made available at, will recommend the fastest possible road, rail and ferry links for journeys between any two points in the UK, and enable tickets to be bought online.

  • CORPORATE ADRENALIN: By playing an online game, Warwickshire residents can discover if they could do better than their county council in raising and spending the cash needed to run public services in the county. Players navigate a virtual town to identify services that are needed, before heading for a virtual town hall and worrying about how to pay for it all:

  • EUROPE ONLINE: Some 45 per cent of public services across Europe are now fully transactional online, according to the latest annual electronic 'Public services in Europe survey' conducted by Cap Gemini Ernst and Young for the European Commission. Of the 18 countries surveyed, sophistication of online services continues to be most advanced in Sweden, followed by Denmark, Ireland, Austria and Finland:

  • Workshop "Museum Libraries in Contemporary Society"
    13 - 15 April 2004, Moscow Kremlin Museums., contacts

  • DigiCULT Thematic Issue 5 - Now Available.
    Virtual Communities and Collaboration in the Heritage Sector.

    This fifth Thematic Issue concentrates on the question of how heritage institutions might benefit from fostering virtual communities related to core activities such as exhibitions, educational programmes or in support of scholarly communities.

    There is growing volume of evidence to suggest that cultural heritage institutions' adoption of virtual communities will broaden the reach, value and relevance of cultural heritage. The vision to link the collections and work of heritage institutions with virtual communities promises to considerably change the way we access, communicate about, share our understanding of, and participate in the experience of cultural heritage.

    But, for most cultural heritage institutions, the challenge will be first to embrace the idea of co-operating with a (non-professional) online community, and then to nurture an evolving and thriving community that crosses the virtual as well as physical space.

    Download DigiCULT Thematic Issue 5 (3,5 MB):

  • ERPANET is pleased to announce its workshop on the role of audit and certification in digital preservation. This three-day workshop, co-hosted by the Stadsarchief Antwerpen, will be held in Antwerpen (Belgium) on April 14-16, 2004.
    The registration fee is 150 Euro - to be paid in due time before the seminar. Online registration is possible at
    For additional information, please contact

  • UNESCO Sponsored Meeting on National Information Policy in Kazakhstan 29-01-2004 (UNESCO Almaty)

    Representatives of the media, librarians and archivists met yesterday in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to discuss the formulation of a national information policy. One of the key documents discussed during the meeting was the Draft "Policy Guidelines for the Development and Promotion of Public Domain Information" that is being prepared under UNESCO's auspices.

    Authored by Paul Uhlir (The National Academies, USA), the Guidelines are intended to define, and promote understanding and debates on, the meaning of the public domain of information and to assist Member States to develop policies and strategies in this area, which respond both to national needs and international practices.

  • The European Library (TEL) Newsletter December 2003 has been published - see the web at: for this and previous project newsletters. TEL is part-funded by the European Commission's IST programme.

    The web site says:

    The European Library (TEL) - The Gate to Europe's knowledge

    The European Library (TEL) is a co-operative project of eight European national libraries along with ICCU, the Italian central cataloguing institution, established under the aegis of the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL).

  • In February, E-Government Bulletin presents a one-day seminar on one of the hottest issues of the moment: Freedom of Information (FoI). With the law on information disclosure due to come into full force in 2005, time is running out to organise information systems for compliance.

    It takes place on 25 February at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, central London. Places cost 295 pounds plus VAT for public sector and 395 for private sector delegates. Additional delegates booking at the same time receive a 100 pound discount. For more information and to register see:

  • The European Parliament voted on 16 December 2003 to extend the Culture 2000 programme for a further two years. This programme aims to promote cultural dialogue and knowledge of the history, creation, and dissemination of culture and the mobility of artists and their works, Europe's cultural heritage, new forms of cultural expression and the socio-economic role of culture.

    The programme was due to expire on 31 December 2004, but will now run unchanged into 2005 and 2006. The original overall budget of 167 million euro for the period 2000 to 2004 will be extended by 69.5 million euro to 236.5 million euro to cover the additional two years. The extension of the Culture 2000 programme will ensure continuity in European Community funding for cultural projects until a new programme begins in 2007.

  • Eleventh International Conference "Crimea 2004" Libraries and Information Resources in the Modern World of Science, Culture, Education and Business.
    Sudak, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine, June 5-13, 2004

  • The National Library of Latvia, in cooperation with the Library Association of Latvia, UNESCO and IFLA, is organising a second international conference "Freedom of Expression, Censorship, Libraries in the Electronic Age". The conference will take place in Riga in October 14-15, 2004.

    Partners' URLs:

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