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    This list excludes acronyms relating to specific 1ST projects and initiatives

    3D- three-dimensional
    ACTS- Advanced Communications Technologies and Services Programme (of the EU's Fourth Framework Programme)
    ADAS- Advanced Communications Technologies and Services Programme (of the EU's Fourth Framework Programme)
    ADSL- asymmetric digital subscriber loop
    AL- action line
    ANSI- American National Standards Institute
    API- application programming interface
    AR- augmented reality
    ASIC- application-specific integrated circuit
    ATM - asynchronous transfer mode
    AV- audio-visual
    CAD/CAM-computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture
    CAN - community-area network
    CBMI - content-based multimedia indexing
    CBSE - component-based software engineering
    CDMA - code division multiple access
    CEN - Comite Europeen de Normalisation (European Committee for Standardisation) (
    CERT - computer emergency response team
    CMOS - complementary metal oxide semiconductor
    CNT - carbon nanotube
    CORBA - Common Object Request Broker Architecture (
    CPA -Cross-Programme Action
    CRM - customer relationship management
    CSCL - computer-supported collaborative learning
    CSR - corporate social responsibility
    DAB -digital audio broadcast
    DAVIC- Digital Audio-Visual Industry Council (
    DG - Directorate-General
    DSL -digital subscriber loop
    DSP - digital signal processing
    DSRC - direct short-range communications
    DTV -digital television
    DVB - digital video broadcast
    DVD - digital video disc
    DWDM - dense wavelength division multiplexing
    EC -European Commision (
    EFC -electronic fee collection
    EIB - European Investment Bank (
    ERA - European Research Area
    ESA- European Space Agency (
    ETSI- European Telecommunications Standards Institute (
    EU- European Union
    EWIS- European Early Warning Information System
    F/OSS - free/open source software
    FET - Future and Emerging Technologies
    FP5 - Fifth Framework Programme for Research & Technological Development (
    FP6- Sixth Framework Programme for Research & Technological Development
    FPGA - field programmable gate array
    GaAs- gallium arsenic (semiconductor)
    Gbit / GB - gigabits / gigabytes (109)
    GHz - gigahertz
    GIS - geographical information system
    GMES - Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (
    GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System
    GPR-ground-penetrating radar
    GPRS - general packet radio service
    GPS- global positioning system
    GSM GTRN - global system mobileGlobal Terabit Research Network (
    HDI- high-density interconnect
    HLT- human language technologies
    HMI - human-machine interface
    HTML - hypertext mark-up language
    1C- integrated circuit
    ICT -information and communication technologies
    IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (
    IEFT - Internet Engineering Task Force (
    IMS- Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Initiative (
    InP - indium phosphorous (semiconductor)
    IP- integrated project (in FP6)
    IP - Internet Protocol
    IP- intellectual property
    IPR - intellectual property rights
    IPv6 - Internet Protocol version 6
    IRC- Innovation Relay Centre
    IRTF - Internet Research Task Force (
    ISDN- integrated services digital network
    ISO - International Standardisation Organisation (
    1ST- information society technologies
    1ST - Information Society Technologies Programme (
    ISTAG - Information Society Technologies Advisory Group
    ISTAG - Information Society Technologies Advisory Group
    ITU - International Telecommunications Union (
    JRC - Joint Research Centre (
    KAI- Key Action I: Systems And Services For The Citizen
    KAII- Key Action II: New Methods OfWork And Electronic Commerce
    KAMI - Key Action III: Multimedia Content And Tools
    KAIV- Key Action IV: Essential Technologies And Infrastructure
    KM -knowledge management
    IBS- location-based services
    LTCC - low-temperature co-fired ceramic
    Mbit /MB- megabits / megabyte ( 106)
    MEMS- micro-electromechanical system
    MHP - Multimedia Home Platform (
    MHz- megahertz
    MOEMS - micro-optoelectromechanical system
    MOSFET - metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
    MPEG- Motion Picture Expert Group (
    MPW - multi-project wafer
    MST -microsystem technology
    MAS - Newly Associated States
    NGI -Next Generation Internet initiative (
    NGN - next generation network
    NID- nanotechnology information device
    nm - nanometre ( 10-9 m)
    NoE - network of excellence (in FP6)
    NRENs -national research and education networks
    NVM - non-volatile memory
    OEM - original equipment manufacturer
    OFDM - orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
    OGSA- Open Grid Services Architecture (
    OSGI- Open Services Gateway Initiative (
    OWL- web ontology language (see 1 /sw/WebOnt/)
    P2P- peer-to-peer (technology)
    PAN-personal area network
    PDA- personal digital assistant
    PKI - public key encryption
    QIPC - quantum information processing and computing
    QoS - quality of service
    RDF - Resource Description Framework (see
    RFID- radio-frequency identification device
    RN -research network
    RTD- research and technological development
    SCM - supply chain management
    SDH - synchronous digital hierarchy
    SDR- software defined radio
    SDR - software defined radio
    SiGe -silicon germanium (semiconductor)
    SME- small and medium-sized enterprise
    SME- small and medium-sized enterprise
    SO VO -smart organisation / virtual organisation
    soc- system-on-a-chip
    SOI - silicon-on-insulator
    S-UMTS- satellite-universal mobile telecommunication system
    TAP - Telematics Applications Programme, of the EU's Fourth Framework Programme
    Tbit/TB - terabits / terabytes ( 1012)
    TD-CDMA- time division/code division multiple access
    THz -terahertz
    TTP - trusted third party
    UMTS - universal mobile telecommunications system
    URL - universal resource locator
    USB - universal serial bus
    VME- virtual mobile environment
    VR-virtual reality
    W3C - Worldwide Web Consortium (
    WAI- Web Accessibility Initiative (
    WAP- wireless application protocol
    W-CDMA - wideband code division multiple access
    WDM - wavelength division multiplexing
    W-LAN - wide-area local area network
    WP2002(200I) - 1ST Work Programme 2002 (or 2001)
    WWW - world-wide web
    XML- extensible mark-up language

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