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  • Participating in European Research - the new guide to participating in the Sixth Framework Programme in PDF format (980 kB) (pdf)

  • Information sheets containing both background and in-depth information and contacts, mainly relevant to accessing European funding for culture. Funding Sources from the European Union - Trans-National Funds (doc)

  • Funding Sources from the European Union - Structural Funds (pdf)

  • Other European Cultural Contacts (Council of Europe, UNESCO, Foundations, etc.) (pdf)

  • Finding Partners and Making it Work (pdf)

  • Background Information on the European Union (pdf)

  • E-learning programm from the EC. PRESS RELEASE from: 'Week in Europe' of 20 December 2002. An e-bulletin of the European Commission Representation in the UK.

  • Main FP6 Presentation (history, graphics, comparative analysis of FP5 and FP6, schemas, financial programme) - (Presentation)

  • Official documents according to FP6 - (DATA BASE)

  • CULTIVATE - Cultural Heritage Applications Network - (Presentation)

  • Russian Archives (Archives1.htm)

  • Report with presentation on the general meeting of national Cultivate centres, Barcelona, 2002 (ppt, htm)

  • "EVA London" - conference report (doc, htm)

  • Informational List of "EVA 2002" Conference 2 -7 December 2002 (doc, htm)

  • CULTIVATE-Russia brochure (English version, 1.jpg, 2.jpg,).

  • Brief information about CULTIVATE-Russia (doc, htm)

  • Short presentation CULTIVATE-Russia (645Kb ppt, htm)

  • Model presentation "The way to participate in European projects for Russian organizations of culture" (621Kb ppt, htm)

  • The list of Russian Memory Institutions (doc)

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